Borrego Bendel Corporation

Borrego & Bendel Corporation

Nick Borrego & Téa Phillips

Borrego & Bendel is co-owned by Nick Borrego and Téa Phillips.

Nick Borrego

Nick Borrego, CEO

Nick has led the internationally award-winning company since its founding in 2020. He does this by combining his leadership, project management, and business development experience with his passion to revolutionize transportation and technology to further humanity.

Téa Phillips

Téa Phillips, CTO

Téa leads the technology development at B&B by utilizing her engineering and leadership skills to create truly revolutionary innovations. Dedicated to bringing the world into the technological future, the work at B&B allows her team to create a global impact.

Téa Phillips

Randy Ridenour, Chairman of the Board

Randy serves B&B by empowering the business and its leaders to reach their full potential. He is a Board Suited Certified professional talented in networking, business growth, creating relationships, and giving sound and reliable guidance leaving a positive influence.

Board Members include Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, Stephen Brown, Kirk Hooten, Dr. Laurent Balenci, M.B.A., Dr. Airton Kohls, Dr. Gary Rawlings, and John Gomez.

Borrego & Bendel's Founding Story

Borrego & Bendel Corporation was incorporated on September 6, 2020. One month prior to filing the incorporation paperwork, the idea originated at a stoplight located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee as the original founders (Nick Borrego and Conley Bendel) were on the way to the gym. After waiting at this stoplight everyday for several months with no other vehicles around, Nick Borrego said to Conley Bendel "I can't believe we are in the 21st century and we can't even get a green light when no other vehicles are around." Immediately both founders had an epiphany and conducted more research later that evening. Each day they grew more and more interested as they researched more obstacles the industry was facing. They learned how many people died per day at intersections, how much money was being wasted at intersections due to inefficiencies, how much it cost to install and maintain a single traffic signal, and they learned that the industry lacked hard and accurate data. At this point Borrego and Bendel realized that they had been significantly impacted by traffic signals and intersections their entire lives.

Nick Borrego was 13 years old when he nearly lost his father from a red-light runner. "I was 13 years old at the time and I will never forget the day I got that call. My father called me and said ‘Son, I got into a really bad accident and it is a miracle that I am alive right now and I just needed to let you know that I love you and won't take another day for granted.” I was unbelievably shocked at the time and proceeded to ask him what had happened. He informed that a driver ran a red-light going about 55mph directly into the drivers side door,. Both cars were completely totaled and everyone was extremely lucky to walk away with their lives. If it wasn't for the safety features that were in my father's Mercedes I would have never heard his voice again - I would have been forced to have grown up without a father. The sad part is... you hear about these stories all the time and how people were not as lucky as my father. People that lose their daughter, their son, their best friend, their entire family, people that lose everything. At the recollection of this memory, I put my foot down and said I am going to do everything that I possibly can to make sure that each person on the road comes home safe.”

Thus Borrego & Bendel Corporation was founded - with a mission to save lives, time, money and create accurate data to shape the future of transportation, technology and humanity.